Our Services

Clearing and Re-Clearing

Our specialized fleet of low ground pressure equipment allows us to clear the most challenging sites more efficiently, and with less surface impact, than conventional methods. Even heavily wooded sites benefit from a combination of mulching and our more traditional timber removal services.

With over 1,000 acres of previous clearing experience, our personnel customize the clearing approach to each project’s specific site conditions, schedule, and regulatory constraints.

Matting and Access

We not only furnish mats, we install, maintain and remove the mats we supply. Our specialized mat handling equipment, combined with our experience handling well over 1,000,000 mats, enables us to provide safe and efficient access solutions. 

We also permit road closures, permit and install temporary entrances and provide traffic control and flagging services.

industrial matting services from Diamond D Industries
site preparation services for industrial and energy companies

Site Preparation

We combine millions of cubic yards of experience with a late model equipment fleet to reliably execute site work projects across a range of industries:

  • Stripping
  • Mass Excavation
  • Drainage
  • Underground Piping
  • Embankment
  • Levees
  • Dikes
  • Ponds
  • Aggregate Surfacing
  • Roads
  • Parking
  • Well Pads
fill supply services

Environmental and Restoration

We provide a full range of environmental and restoration services, ensuring compliance and a return to pre-construction conditions.

  • SWPP Installation & Maintenance
  • Cleanup
  • Disposal
  • Grading/Re-Grading
  • Seeding & Planting

Emergency Response

Our personnel have performed Emergency Response following multiple hurricanes, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the opening of the Mississippi River Morganza Spillway in 2011 and the Entergy Lewis Creek Dam Emergency in 2015. Our Emergency Response capabilities include:

  • Storm Restoration
  • Debris Removal
  • De-Watering
  • Levee Stabilization
  • Levee Repair
emergency response services
fill supply services

Fill Supply

With multiple strategically located and permitted borrow & disposal sources along the Gulf Coast, we supply general, structural, and/or sand fill material to your project site, as well as dispose of unsuitable site material (topsoil and/or overburden), by barge and truck.

fill supply services
fill supply services


Our Transportation fleet includes multiple truck and trailer combinations, enabling us to rapidly support a wide variety of utility needs:

  • Heavy Equipment Transportation
  • Concrete and Steel Pole Transportation
  • Mat Transportation
transportation and heavy hauling services